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All on 4 dental implant treatment a great solution for tooth loss

Tooth loss is not merely a cosmetic problem, though there is a massive impact on smile aesthetics when teeth are missing. Tooth replacement is an important step if function, beauty, and oral health care to be preserved. At SmileMoreToday, our patients have several options for tooth replacement. At the core of care in consideration of the individual and his or her needs and wishes. 

The domino effect of tooth loss

Even when a single tooth is lost, there is a domino effect in the smile. The more teeth that are missing, the larger the problem. Though there is significant evidence of tooth loss present in the mile, there are also implications that cannot be seen, at least not right away.

When teeth are lost, so are their roots. Roots are what keep teeth stable in the jawbone. Roots, as well, transfer force from teeth to the bone, a vital component to jaw structure. Without this transfer of force, the bone tissue in the jaw deteriorates in what is called resorption. The more bone that is lost, the greater the impact on facial structures, which rely on the jawbone for support. 

The role of implants in tooth replacement

All on 4 dental treatment

Over the past several decades, dental implant technology has been developed and improved to a point where we are now able to replace a single tooth or restore function to a smile in which no natural teeth remain. In the past, tooth replacement with a dental bridge or denture appliance sought only to restore chewing function and a nice aesthetic. At the time when there were no alternatives, such treatment was the gold standard. Today, we have options to improve upon conventional treatment. All we have to do is incorporate a few dental implants into the mix, and we have the ability to create something beautiful.

One of the best solutions for full-mouth restoration is All on 4 or All on 6 implant treatment, which you can learn more about in our Vernon Hills, Il dental office. 

Dental implants are, in and of themselves, not designed for tooth replacement. An implant is positioned in the jawbone as a replacement root. Full restoration comes from the placement of a crown, bridge, or denture appliance on top of the implant. What comes from the placement of implants is stability that cannot be achieved with conventional treatments that sit on top of the gums. Because force continues to transfer from artificial teeth, through implants, and into the jawbone, the risk of resorption becomes significantly lower. 

Combining implants with conventional appliances such as dentures achieves the highest degree of functionality and comfort. To discover the beauty of implants first-hand, contact SmileMoreToday for your consultation with Dr. Kumar.