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Benefits of 6 Month PowerProx Braces for patients

Dr. Kumar of SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center in The Loop, Chicago area has several options available for patients who need to realign their teeth or bite with braces. From Invisalign orthodontics to Inman Aligners, he allows teenagers and adults to have a say in the orthodontic treatment right for them. One popular option for patients who have minor adjustments needed for the teeth near the front of their mouth is 6 Month PowerProx Braces.

Six Month Braces is a revolutionary method that uses wires that are more discreet and brackets to move teeth into desirable positions quickly. They are a great alternative to traditional metal brackets and wire braces and do not need to be in place for as long. Most patients can achieve a better cosmetic appearance in as little as three months and may need them up to nine. PowerProx 6 Month Braces are not to be used for moderate to severe misalignment of the dental arch, nor are they suggested for patients who need to realign their bite.

clear braces for teeth

There are many benefits to using Six Month Braces over conventional orthodontia. The length of time needed to see improvement is considerably less, and there are very few appointments made for check-ups with the dentist. The brackets and wires are more discreet, which reduces embarrassment and self-consciousness often associated with traditional braces.

Dr. Kumar may suggest PowerProx 6 Month Braces for teenagers and adults who want to make small changes to the appearance of their smile by addressing crooked or misaligned teeth near the front of the dental arch. Patients interested in orthodontics can visit his practice at SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center for x-rays, an examination, and a consultation regarding the best solution for their specific needs. His team offers a variety of methods for straightening smiles and bites, and patients enjoy having several options available to meet their needs.


If you live in The Loop, Chicago area, contact SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center to educate yourself on the benefits of 6 Month Braces and discover how they may be a better option than conventional braces through an orthodontic practice.