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Broken tooth beautifully in our Vernon Hills dental practice

broken tooth

When you look at your teeth, it is easy to consider them extremely durable. They do endure a great deal of stress in the act of chewing, after all. On the outside, teeth are indeed very strong. Enamel is one of the most durable substances in the body. Beneath the relatively thin layer of enamel is softer dentin material and, beyond that, pulp tissue and tiny, very sensitive vessels. The structure of the tooth is such that the inner area is well protected. Due to several factors, however, damage may be done to a tooth’s hard outer shell and a crack or break may occur.

A crack or break in a tooth may seem like a sudden event, but the truth is that damage is most often a work in progress. Oral bacteria are commonly the root cause of a break. These microorganisms have a constant presence in the mouth and are fed by food debris and sugar residue that linger after meals. The acidic byproduct produced by oral bacteria weakens enamel and leaves a tooth vulnerable to damage.

Repair is an important step in addressing a broken tooth, even if damage seems minor. In our Vernon Hills dental office, Dr. Kumar performs the careful evaluation of broken teeth and recommends treatment accordingly. We encourage patients to schedule care as soon as possible after a break or fracture whether they are in pain or not. A break may appear small but there may be small fractures that you cannot yet see. If not treated, these fractures will eventually be felt.

Broken tooth beautifully in our Vernon Hills dental practice


The treatment for a broken tooth is usually a dental crown. The purpose of a crown is to cover the entire tooth that has been made fragile by a break. Typically, natural tooth structure absorbs the force of biting and chewing. The broken tooth clearly cannot manage this stress. A crown enables you to keep your natural tooth and to protect it from further damage. 

The team at SmileMoreToday in Vernon Hills is proud to provide our patients with compassionate dentistry focused on comfort and optimal results. We understand that your smile can be one of your greatest assets, and we handle it with care. Contact our office at 224-324-3151.