Offering options like clear braces for teeth, your Vernon Hills dentist is all about choices - SmileMoreToday
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Offering options like clear braces for teeth, your Vernon Hills dentist is all about choices

clear braces for teeth

Your smile is a unique part of who you are. The clear braces treatment that your dentist provides should be tailored around this fact. No two people are exactly alike, and Dr. Kumar has set our dental practice up to serve the varying needs of our patients accordingly. Teeth straightening is one area in which our commitment to excellence in patient care shines through. Our patients benefit from in-depth consultation for orthodontic treatment and a variety of choices that ultimately leads to their healthiest, most attractive smile. 

Though orthodontic treatment has evolved significantly through the years, not every person will find aligner methods like Invisalign a good fit. With the various benefits found in this innovative treatment, it can seem ideal. However, depending on your specific orthodontic problem, Dr. Kumar may recommend something more along the lines of traditional bracket-and-wire treatment. Our patients needn’t worry, though, SmileMoreToday offers clear braces and other options for teeth straightening to patients from Vernon Hills and surrounding areas. 

Teens and adults may find their ideal orthodontic treatment in an option other than Invisalign, such as PowerProx cosmetic braces or Insignia 3D Ortho. 

The PowerProx system works well for patients who have mild to moderate misalignment affecting the appearance of the smile. This cosmetic orthodontic program uses the principles of conventional treatment and the bracket-and-wire model. Appliances of PowerProx, however, are incredibly low profile and can be made from tooth-colored materials for a barely-there appearance. Many of our patients choose to have PowerProx appliances applied to the backs of teeth, where they will not be seen in the smile at all.

clear braces

Insignia 3D Ortho is another innovative system that offers several advantages. This treatment plan is designed around patients’ exact dental anatomy. It is in the design process where the magic happens, with your dentist using 3D technology to plan every aspect of treatment. Insignia braces may have metal brackets and wires, or appliances that are barely noticeable in the smile. Some patients may even be able to choose an Insignia aligner system to improve their smile.

Dr. Kumar is an experienced dentist trained in various orthodontic techniques. To improve the look and health of your smile, contact our office in Vernon Hills.