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Composite Tooth-Colored Filling Replacement

Dental Amalgam for beautiful smile

The technological advances that have occurred over the past several decades have led to significant improvements in dentistry. Dentists and their patients now have beautiful, durable materials to choose from when repair is necessary. At SmileMoreToday, our patients can continue to enjoy natural white color in their smiles thanks to tooth-colored composite filling replacement in Vernon Hills.

Early fillings were crafted from high quality gold. Though very durable, this material was soon replaced with dental amalgam, a metal mixture deemed more affordable. Dental amalgam is still used by many dentists today, though patients also have the option of choosing a more conservative, more attractive option: composite resin fillings. 

Composite resin, like amalgam, is a mixture of several materials. This dental material contains powdered glass and plastic, colored to match the natural aesthetic characteristics of tooth enamel. Due to its similarities to natural enamel, composite resin is used in cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, which covers discoloration, chips, and cracks. These same similarities make composite resin a wonderful option for tooth restoration after a cavity has caused damage. 

There are several benefits to composite resin fillings over amalgam, including:

  • Restoration of a beautifully natural smile
  • Composite resin hardens within minutes
  • Teeth are repaired to a very strong state

Though many people choose tooth-colored fillings for their aesthetic appeal, there are other benefits to composite resin dental fillings. Due to the need for mechanical retention, amalgam fillings require a great deal of modification to tooth structure. This means that tissue outside of that which has been compromised must be removed. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are bonded to the tooth. This approach allows your dentist to remove only damaged tooth structure, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact. 

The nature of the glass and plastic mixture in composite fillings is also beneficial to the overall success of treatment. Amalgam fillings contain various metals, materials that heat up when food is chewed, or when warm foods and beverages are consumed. With heat and subsequent cooling, these fillings expand and contract to such a degree that a tooth may eventually fracture. Composite expands and contracts at a rate similar to tooth enamel, which eliminates this risk.

You deserve a smile that is functional and attractive. The team at SmileMoreToday can help you achieve this goal. Contact us today to schedule your visit.