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Dental care from your emergency dentist in Vernon Hills

dental emergency

In many situations, surprises can be quite nice. Some surprises, on the other hand, can cause undue stress. Dental emergencies fall into this category of unpleasant surprises. The word “emergency” alone can cause the heart to beat a little faster. When we think of dental emergencies, we may envision a tooth sustaining an injury or being knocked out. Situations such as this are indeed urgent, and require prompt care if the affected tooth is to be saved. Many people who find the need for an emergency visit with their dentist in Vernon Hills, however, experience something far less dramatic. In many cases, the problem that leads one to the dentist for urgent care is persistent pain.

A simple toothache may seem like a mild situation that could be handled within a day or two. Tooth pain, however, can actually be so significant that it becomes difficult to focus at work and at home. A toothache may stem from a fracture in a tooth, a large cavity that has caused infection, or various other reasons. There is no reason to live with the pain of a toothache, whatever the underlying cause. Your dentist in Vernon Hills can help relieve your pain and stress with gentle, effective care.

Avoiding dental emergencies

Bacteria's on Tooth

Every person has a tiny ecosystem right within their mouth where bacteria reside. Bacteria are invisible to us, but their far-reaching effects can certainly be seen – and felt. The bacteria that live in the mouth can have a significant impact not only on the state of teeth and gums, but on the entire body, when their ecosystem experiences an imbalance.  

We are advised to brush our teeth twice each day, if not after every meal. Additionally, teeth should be flossed on a daily basis. These practices are intended to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth on an ongoing basis so that their numbers do not build up, harming teeth and gums. At Smile More Today, we strive to help patients avoid the dental problems that may come from oral bacteria, educating people of all ages on the benefits and techniques of oral hygiene.

dental Cavities

Cavities are caused by the acidic waste left by oral bacteria. Although they start quite small, cavities may go unnoticed until a tooth becomes sensitive. If sensitivity is not assessed by a dentist, the cavity continues to grow, providing even more places for bacteria to hide. The further that bacteria progress towards the inner parts of a tooth, the higher the likelihood that pain will increase.

Dental emergencies can be very stressful. Dr. Kumar provides efficient, gentle care to get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible, without additional anxiety. If you find yourself in need of urgent dental care, contact Smile More Today in Chicago or Vernon Hills.