Dental Implants - Safe and effective replacement of teeth from your dentist
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Dental Implants – Safe and effective replacement of teeth from your dentist

safe, effective replacement of teeth with implants from your Vernon Hills dentist

Though our permanent teeth are supposed to last us our lifetime, tooth loss continues to be a problem for many adults. A tooth may be lost for several reasons, such as an injury, gum disease, or severe decay. Advances in dentistry have changed the face of tooth replacement significantly. Still, many people instinctively choose safe options for replacing teeth with conventional treatment such as bridgework or dentures over dental implants, often due to misconceptions. Here, your Vernon Hills dentist debunks some of the misconceptions surrounding tooth replacement with implants. 

#1: Implant treatment is too expensive

tooth replacement with a dental implant

When deciding upon restorative care such as implants, it is important to look at the longevity of results in addition to initial cost. Bridges and dentures typically need to be replaced or adjusted at some point. Though these restorations cost less up front and can last several years with excellent care, they do not last forever. Dentures require ongoing adjustments due to bone loss. Because implants can last a lifetime, they are the most economical option for tooth replacement.

#2: Dental implants require painful oral surgery

dental implants in Vernon Hills

Patients of SmileMoreToday have been experiencing beautiful, pain-free smile restoration for years. The implant procedure is actually minor, with very little associated risks. Like other dental procedures, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area before the procedure begins. Depending on the number of implants needed, treatment may take only a few minutes to complete. Many of our patients find that they are comfortable enough to eat most normal foods the next day.

#3: You cannot count on dental implants to last

Dental implants have been researched, tested, and used in the clinical setting for several decades. In this time, techniques and materials have both been refined and improved. Dental implant treatment has a proven record with near-100 percent success rate.

#4: The dental implant smile looks fake

dental implants formissing teeth

Dental implants sit below the gums, and are topped with beautiful crowns or dentures designed to blend harmoniously with the lips, cheeks, and overall facial contouring. Using the most up to date techniques and high-quality dental materials, your dentist can recreate your smile to look and feel completely natural.

While dentures and dental bridgework may have a longer history of restoring function after tooth loss, this does not mean such treatments remain the most effective. Dental implants solve problems that these conventional treatments fail to address, such as stability and bone loss. Dr. Kumar has restored many smiles with dental implants. To learn more about this treatment, contact us in Vernon Hills.