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Dental Implants for Crown and Bridge Treatment in Vernon Hills

crown and bridge treatment

Tooth loss is something that we take very seriously at Smile More Today. Our teeth are important to our appearance, to our chewing ability, to our clarity of speech, and to our general sense of wellbeing. When we discuss tooth loss, this also includes situations in which a tooth or teeth must be removed due to injury or disease. Dental Implants are the best and easy solution for chipped and broken teeth.

If a tooth is lost or removed in a visible area at the front of the mouth, the cosmetic impact is obvious. A gap in the back of the mouth, however, can also have a large effect on the appearance of the smile. Teeth do not only help us chew, talk, and feel confident, they also benefit one another. Each tooth should ideally fit into place right next to another.

Discussing crown and bridge treatment after tooth removal in Vernon Hills

In proper position without gaps, teeth are mutually supportive, maintaining alignment. Gaps make it possible for teeth to move. The shifting that occurs after tooth loss can cause cosmetic problems and also bite issues and stress on the joints of the jaw. If chewing becomes uncomfortable, one side of the mouth may be used more, causing excessive wear.

Speech is not an aspect of quality of life that we often associate with teeth, but there is a direct correlation. Depending on where a gap develops in the smile, it may become difficult to form certain words or sounds. Losing this ability may be frustrating and very distressing.

Clearly, there are several good reasons to discuss how a crown and bridge unit may be used after tooth loss or removal. The recommendations that Dr. Kumar makes for our patients from Vernon Hills and surrounding areas are based on their need for long lasting functionality and beauty. 

teeth replacement

For the replacement of missing teeth, the fixed bridge is a common choice of treatment. This restoration is designed with crowns, which will anchor the artificial tooth or teeth to two healthy teeth. Taking only a few office visits to complete, bridge treatment can provide decades of service. 

Crowns are an integral part of dental implant treatment, also an option for tooth replacement. Implants are prosthetics that replace roots. After they become fused to bone tissue in the jaw, implants can be topped with a beautiful dental crown for a lifetime of beauty and function.

Dr. Kumar has experience in the treatment of the many conditions that may affect your smile and your quality of life. Contact SmileMoreToday for personalized dental care.