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Emergency Dental care near Vernon Hill

emergency dentist near Vernon Hills

Our general sense of wellbeing is fostered by a number of factors, one of them being the smile. Our smile can be a great source of pride and joy or it can cause distress. This has as much to do with our state of oral health as it does our smile’s appearance. When teeth and gums are not in optimal health, the appearance of the smile is diminished. The breath may also be affected due to a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Untreated dental problems are unhealthy, and they are a detriment to emotional wellbeing. Dr. Amit Kumar of Smile More Today is committed to providing patients with emergency dental care with all dental problems.

Much can be said for preventive dental care, especially in terms of preventing the need for care from an emergency dentist. In our Vernon Hills dental practice, we commonly provide urgent care for a problem most people would not consider an emergency: tooth pain.


A toothache can seem very mild and therefore not very serious. In fact, minor tooth pain, even something as mild as sensitivity, signals that there is a problem somewhere in the tooth or its root. We encourage patients to schedule care right away if tooth pain occurs. Even if you are visiting from out of town, your toothache requires care in order to prevent further damage and discomfort. 

Tooth pain most often stems from a cavity. This problem may start very small, but will not get better on its own. A tooth may become sensitive when decay first develops. As the nerve slowly dies, the initial pain may subside for a short time before it comes back stronger. As the bacteria move inward, progressive damage occurs at a faster rate due to the softness of dentin and pulp. 

dental care near Vernon Hills

There are multiple parts to teeth. Once the outer layer of enamel has been eaten away by acid from oral bacteria, there becomes a great risk for infection near the nerve. Dr. Kumar encourages patients to receive care promptly when pain occurs. Seeing the dentist for a small cavity is far less troublesome than letting a dental problem worsen and cause undue pain.

Save yourself the stress of a toothache. Contact us today to schedule your routine exam and cleaning.