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Obtaining perfect teeth with orthodontics in The Loop

Nearly everyone wants to achieve perfect teeth. While Hollywood celebrities are flashing their flawless smiles, patients come to SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center of The Loop, Chicago to find out if they can achieve their dream smile to show the world. With continued improvements in the materials and technologies used in cosmetic dentistry, patients can enjoy the benefits of quality dental work to improve the aesthetics of their smile, as well as their self-confidence and pride.


Patients who are dealing with imperfections in their smile such as misalignment of the teeth and bite can seek orthodontic treatment. While the thought of orthodontics brings to mind years of metal brackets and wires covering the teeth, there have been many developments in orthodontic technology that now allow patients to achieve the same results with less embarrassment. Dr. Kumar of SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center offers his patients the benefits of Six Month Braces as a faster alternative to traditional orthodontia.

Six Month Braces use tooth-colored brackets and wires to achieve the same results as traditional braces. However, Six Month Braces focuses on the teeth near the front of the smile. This particular treatment is not used for improving the bite or for the use of moderate to severe misalignment of the dental arch. Instead, patients who are dealing with crooked teeth or spaces near the front of the smile can use Six Month Braces to make a dramatic change in less than a year. Dr. Kumar and his team have several other orthodontic solutions available, including Invisalign, which may be better suited for patients with significant bite and dental arch misalignment.


Six Month Braces are fast, effective, and affordable. Teenagers and adults can enjoy their orthodontic experience by undergoing this treatment through a dentist they know and trust. Patients can ultimately change their smiles and enjoy the self-confidence that comes with it.

If you live in The Loop, Chicago area and you are considering Dr. Kumar for your orthodontic improvements, contact SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center to schedule a consultation visit and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this amazing opportunity!