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Reasons for tooth extraction with your Vernon Hills dentist

tooth extraction treatment


In childhood, tooth loss is often a cause for celebration, a sign of growing up. Once we have lost all of our primary teeth, however, the goal is to keep adult teeth for the rest of our life. Though the body is designed to retain permanent teeth for life, there are various reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. Our priority is always to save a tooth when we can by performing root canal therapy, or other restorative care. 

One common condition that leads to tooth extraction by your Vernon Hills dentist is extensive damage. This could be from a large cavity or infection, or physical injury to the tooth. Other conditions that may necessitate tooth extraction include:

  • Gum disease affects the soft tissues and the bones that support the teeth. This infection in connective tissues is one of the leading causes of tooth loss today.
  • Infection can occur in the inner areas of a tooth, where the blood vessels and nerves live. Our first line of defense against infection is early treatment with fillings, inlays, or onlays. If damage from infection becomes significant, root canal therapy can be performed to remove the infected tissue and fill the canal. There are times, though, when the infection has progressed too far, and a tooth must be removed to stop the infection from progressing to nearby tissues.
  • Crowding sometimes needs to be addressed prior to orthodontic treatment so that room can be created for teeth to move into proper alignment. 
  • A tooth that has failed to erupt through the gums may need to be removed so that it does not become infected.

Tooth extraction at SmileMoreToday is not a complicated process. We work quickly and with great efficiency for the best possible outcome, tending to our patients throughout their procedure to ensure they remain comfortable. Our friendly staff stays focused on patient need from consultation through treatment and for the duration of healing and restoration.

Contact SmileMoreToday in Vernon Hills to schedule your visit for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic care.