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Restore your smile now with teeth in a day

teeth in a day

Today more than ever before, the “tooth loss”, or edentulous, individual has more options from which to choose when the time comes to restore a healthy, beautiful smile. The developments within the area of implant dentistry have made it possible for more people to immediately restore functionality for improved oral health and, really, a better quality of life.

Teeth in a Day is a form of implant treatment offered to our patients from Vernon Hills, and surrounding areas. Essentially, this is linked to the All-on-Four or All-on-Six implant procedure, in which the most appropriate number of implants are inserted into the jawbone in a painless procedure. If there are remaining teeth that need to be removed, we may be able to perform the extraction procedure in the same day, as well. Through this process, individuals who have relied upon partial or full dentures can achieve the highest possible degree of stability, and also benefit from treatment that preserves natural bone tissue in the jaw.

What makes dental implants ideal for tooth replacement

dental implants formissing teeth

Whether implants are used to replace one tooth or as a part of our Teeth in a Day treatment, they provide our patients with the utmost in functionality and comfort. Implants are replacement roots, more than they are replacements for teeth themselves. An implant may be topped with a single dental crown or, as in our All-on-Four or All-on-Six treatment, may be strategically positioned in the jawbone for the stabilization of a beautiful denture appliance.

In the months following the insertion of dental implants, bone fuses around the tiny titanium posts in the jaw. This growth is what leads to the most natural feel when chewing and speaking. When implants are the stabilizing factor in dentures, the common frustrations experienced disappear. A denture appliance that is affixed to four or six dental implants should not rub against the gums, causing irritation to this delicate tissue. Anchored in the jawbone, the implant-supported denture appliance will remain stable when chewing, even when a food is more dense or chewy. With implants, our patients gain the best possible function, which achieves the greatest amount of satisfaction.

Today, tooth loss does not have to mean spending the rest of your life with an unstable, uncomfortable denture. At Smile More Today, Teeth in a Day treatment returns the smiles of our Vernon Hills area patients immediately. 

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