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Same Day Dentures in Vernon Hills

Dentures in Vernon Hills

The weakening of teeth may happen over many years, with damage ultimately leading to tooth loss or extraction. In situations where there are few, or no, healthy teeth remaining, your dentist’s focus is on restoring the highest degree of function as quickly as possible, while also tending to your comfort. 

For over a century, dentures have been used to replace missing teeth. Today, dentures are still used, and they have improved greatly over time. One way in which denture treatment has improved is that the conventional denture appliance can now be stabilized with dental implants. At SmileMoreToday, we are happy to offer same-day implants to our patients from Vernon Hills and surrounding areas.

Full dentures have been a primary form of treatment for the replacement of all of the teeth in the mouth for ages. Over the course of advances in dentistry, there have been significant changes to the technique and materials used in the design of dentures, but none quite as life-changing for patients as using dental implants for denture stabilization. The immediate replacement of missing teeth provided at SmileMoreToday is a highly customized treatment, based on each patient’s unique needs. 

The placement of a few dental implants does wonders for the stability of a full denture appliance, especially lower dentures, which lack the structure to create strong suction. Once they are anchored to implants, which act as a root alternative, dentures gain such stability that they feel just like natural teeth!

dental implants

The immediate placement of dental implants after tooth extraction has been shown to have several advantages over waiting months for the bone to fill the empty socket. Studies indicate that the immediate placement of implants and seating of dentures after tooth extraction leads to excellent integration of the implants with a healthy jawbone. The reason for this advantage is that the implants are placed into the empty socket, which eliminates the need to make room in a socket that has been filled with bone over time. Making use of the empty socket saves an extra procedure, and maximizes healing.

Full dentures may be one of the most recognizable forms of tooth replacement, but that does not mean there are no alternatives to dentures that do not fit perfectly. Contact SmileMoreToday to discover how you can make the most of your dentures with stabilization from dental implants.