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Smile Restoration with Dental Implants

dental implants in Vernon Hills

People who are missing several teeth have more options than ever for the restoration of the beauty and functionality of their smiles. Over the past several decades, treatment including dental implants has continued to improve. Implants are more than tooth replacement. In a minor in-office procedure, one or more dental implants can be situated in the jawbone to replace missing roots.

Before dental implants, the most common form of tooth replacement was with a dental bridge. Dental bridges are often a fixed type, that which is secured into place via two natural teeth. In comparison to this safe, conventional treatment, multiple dental implants from your experienced Vernon Hills dentist, Dr. Kumar, offer several advantages. 

Dental implant treatment is widely popular for several reasons. Not only does implant treatment lead to near-natural function and attractiveness, this form of treatment eliminates the stress placed on adjacent teeth that occurs with a traditional bridge. While aesthetics and tooth preservation are two very important factors in tooth replacement, dental implants also offer the unique benefit of bone preservation. When inserted into bone tissue, implant posts continue to transfer force during chewing, stimulating bone so that resorption does not occur.

In many ways, an implant-supported bridge stands out from conventional treatment:

tooth replacement with a dental implant

  • Implants lead to permanent function and beauty
  • Restoration with implants looks and feels so much like natural teeth that no one can tell
  • Natural tooth structure is preserved because the implant-supported bridge is anchored directly in the jawbone
  • Gum tissue remains intact in the absence of metal clasps
  • The retention of bone structure in the jaw is beneficial for the overall facial aesthetic
  • Biting and chewing function are restored to near-natural

Looking at long term benefits, dental implants offer many, including comfort, function, and beauty. Though there are instances in which conventional forms of treatment may be most appropriate, many people find that dental implant treatment is the ideal solution to missing teeth. 

Patients of SmileMoreToday are treated as individuals because we understand that each person is different, with unique dentition and specific needs. Contact one of our conveniently located offices today to learn more about our services.