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The most affordable dental care in Vernon Hills

The most affordable dental care in Vernon Hills involves teamwork

The bright, warm smiles on the faces of children can warm the heart like nothing else, especially when that smiling child is your own. Children who experience dental problems that lead to discomfort, however, aren’t likely to smile as much. Many children unfortunately experience common problems such as cavities. The good news is that many of the dental problems children may encounter can be prevented. 

An early start creates good habits

Parents want to see their children happy and healthy. With affordable dental care in the formative years, we help families enjoy beautiful, strong smiles. Dr. Kumar is a Vernon Hills dentist with an extensive background in preventive and restorative dentistry. Our entire team understands that children are to be treasured in the dental office, treated with gentleness and a fun attitude.

Dental Hygiene for Kids

The habits and attitudes we develop in childhood tend to stay with us for our lifetime. From this standpoint, we provide the kind of care to our young patients that can create positive experiences. With each positive dental experience, a child learns what it takes to keep his or her smile healthy.

Education goes a long way

Dentists do not benefit their patients by merely cleaning and examining teeth and handling dental problems with specific procedures. We want our patients to enjoy their best smiles, which takes teamwork. One of the best services we can provide is education. The more we know about oral health and the various dental conditions that affect it, the more empowered we are to maintain healthier smiles. 

affordable dental care

SmileMoreToday offers affordable dental care that does not cut corners when it comes to quality. Our patients are treated in the same way we would treat our own families, with gentleness, precision, and materials suited to longevity. From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, the dental care received from our knowledgeable team addresses the specific issues that may occur during various stages of life. We inform parents on the proper care of their infant’s teeth, monitor jaw growth to determine if and when braces may be needed, and help adult patients manage gum disease. 

Enjoy your best smile. Contact Smile More Today for your visit.