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Tooth-color fillings in Vernon Hills

tooth color fillings in Vernon Hills

The smile, according to research, is an incredible asset. Dr. Kumar and his experienced team of professionals love helping patients capitalize on the power of a beautiful smile. If you want to maintain your smile’s natural appearance with tooth color fillings or your smile is in need of some cosmetic work, our office in Vernon Hills has convenient hours and a host of outstanding treatments to fill your needs.

The cosmetic benefits of tooth colored fillings


Today it is more important than ever to have a smile you can feel proud of. We are inundated with images of “beauty” everywhere we turn. For this reason, many people seek new and improved forms of dentistry so the smile will look natural no matter what type of care is performed. 

tooth colored fillings

Historically, cavities have been filled with gold or metal alloy. Amalgam fillings, which contain various metals and mercury, are often referred to as “silver” fillings for their silvery hue. The color of amalgam does not stay silver, as many people have learned. With time and oxidation, amalgam turns very dark and becomes an obvious mark in the smile, even when the filling is in a back tooth. 

Tooth-colored fillings are not just white; they are made to match the color of surrounding tooth material. We do not all have the same shade of white in our smile. Just like your smile is unique, your fillings should be, as well. Teeth repaired with tooth-colored resin material regain their natural appearance and hold it for many years.

The hidden benefits of tooth colored fillings


dental amalgam fillings

For a dental treatment to meet our standard of excellence, it must not only look good in the smile, but it must offer long-lasting function. Many people treated with composite resin fillings enjoy lifelong results. Composites are beneficial for several reasons. First, the material is kinder to teeth. Composite resin is similar to enamel in the way that it expands and contracts when it becomes warm or cold. As such, there is a much lower risk that a tooth will fracture. Due to the method in which a composite filling is placed, the damaged tooth is not just restored; it is strengthened, further increasing the longevity of function and beauty.

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