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Tooth loss does not have to steal your confidence

Tooth loss

Once all of our permanent teeth have grown in, we expect them to be there for our lifetime. Tooth loss may not be something we expect, but research shows that many adults experience this condition by the time they reach their forties. The loss of a permanent tooth is an important matter to address. Friends, health-care providers, and dentists all encourage those affected by tooth loss to “replace that tooth.” There are reasons to replace a lost tooth that extend beyond aesthetics. Though it’s nice to fill an empty space in the smile, finding the best tooth replacement brings more benefits than you might imagine. At SmileMoreToday, we offer dental implants to patients from the Loop area as an optimal form of tooth replacement.

The benefits of tooth replacement with we can greatly improve your quality of life. These include:

dental implants

  • A smile that shows healthy, beautiful teeth is what we envision for ourselves when we think of our ideal image. Beautiful smiles are not only important for public figures and celebrities, but for all of us. Filling gaps in the smile using dental implants recreates the most natural form, leading to your best smile.
  • When we feel good about our smile, we feel more confident as a whole. The more confident we feel, the better our interactions with others, both professionally and socially.
  • One of the basic functions of our teeth is to chew the foods that we eat. We may forget the importance of chewing because we have been able to rely on our natural teeth, not realizing the impact of missing teeth or unsuccessful replacements. Implants are situated in the jawbone, just like natural teeth, and become fused to bone tissue so that stability is no different from a natural tooth. This means that a large variety of foods can be enjoyed without feeling like a restoration will fail.
  • Implants are excellent for tooth replacement whether a single tooth or many teeth are missing. Filling gaps in the smile lead to better oral health because bacteria have fewer places to settle. Implants require care no different from what you have always given your natural teeth. The focus of hygiene with dental implants is to remove bacteria from the mouth as a preventive measure against gum disease.

Dentures and bridges have had their time as sole options in tooth replacement. Today, implants increase what is possible even with conventional treatments. At SmileMoreToday, we offer a variety of solutions for missing teeth. Contact us to learn more about our restorative services.