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Tooth pain? See your Vernon Hills dentist to restore comfort

A surprise is usually something you enjoy. This cannot be said of the surprise of a sudden intense tooth pain. In dentistry, however, the most common form or urgent care sought by patients is the treatment of this very problem. 

Teeth that exhibit mild pain that comes and goes may seem a minor problem. We encourage patients to visit our office in Vernon Hills at the first sign of pain, before unhealthy oral bacteria have the opportunity to cause extensive damage near the tooth’s root. Tooth pain can be tricky, feeling strong at some times and then subsiding. It is easy to assume that the absence of pain means the problem has gone away. This is anything but true. What many people find is untreated tooth pain eventually occurs and stays, becoming so bad that it is difficult to concentrate at work or focus on family and friends. Dr. Kumar and the team at SmileMoreToday care about your comfort. We can help you regain comfort quickly with gentle dental care. We also focus on prevention so that you can stay pain free.

Caring for teeth with proactive steps

Tooth pain symptoms and solutions

The mouth is its own tiny ecosystem in which bacteria live. We do not see these microorganisms, but we can identify their effects on teeth, the gums, and the body. When imbalance occurs in the delicate oral environment, unhealthy conditions arise and aggressive oral bacteria take over. To prevent these pathogens from harming teeth and gums takes only a dedication to hygiene. 

Our patients are encouraged to brush morning and night, or even after every meal. Flossing is also a daily practice that is recommended. The performance of brushing and flossing as demonstrated by your dentist or hygienist can go a long way in removing bacteria that cause painful cavities and gum disease. These problems stem from deposits of acidic byproduct excreted by oral bacteria. 

At first, cavities and gum disease may by unnoticeable. The first sign that a cavity may be in progress is sensitivity. If dental care is promptly sought, the damage done to the tooth should be very minimal. If sensitivity is not treated, more intense tooth pain will soon follow as the cavity grows and bacteria move inward toward nerves and the root. The farther the progression of a cavity, the greater the likelihood of intense pain.

Preventive dental care is so much more pleasant than needing urgent procedures for advanced decay. Contact Smile More Today in Vernon Hills to schedule your routine checkup and cleaning.