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What are the benefits of all on 4 implants?

all on 4 implants

Patients who have been unhappy with traditional full dentures may want to consider the benefits of all on 4 implants. All on 4 implants use four dental implants placed into the jaw which are then matched with a customized denture. This denture is made to be a fixed, permanent prosthesis. It has more strength and stability than a traditional denture using dental adhesives and suction to stay in place. For this restoration to work, patients must have four dental implants placed. Dental implants are also used to replace single teeth within the mouth and are restored with a dental crown instead of a denture.


There are many benefits to dental implants that are placed to stabilize the all on 4 implant denture. The dental implants are titanium posts. These posts are surgically implanted into the jawbone during a single appointment while the patient is locally anesthetized and sedated. The benefit of doing this is for the implant to derive strength from the bone. This is how natural teeth stay in place, with the root supported by bone. When an implant is placed, osseointegration occurs. This is a process in which bone growth is stimulated, and it wraps around the implant to strengthen placement.

Dental implants

Dental implants are also extremely long-lasting. Most patients benefit from implant placement for the rest of their life. They are extremely successful and give patients the stability they deserve from their dentures, improving functionality. Over the course of time, they retain their value. Though they cost more upfront, they can last several decades, making them a wonderful investment for any patient’s smile.


If you live in the Vernon Hills, IL area and are considering an alternative solution to full cosmetic dentures, contact the team at SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center to schedule a consultation visit and examination to determine your candidacy for all on 4 implants treatment. Dr. Kumar and his team can assist in answering any questions you may have about the procedure or the results, and can recommend alternative solutions if necessary and more fitting to your lifestyle or budget.