Whiter teeth treatment for a brighter smile - SmileMoreToday, Vernon HIlls
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Whiter teeth treatment by SmileMoreToday, Vernon Hills for a brighter smile

Image is something that is important to just about everyone. It is the way we see ourselves that drives our overall sense of wellbeing. When you imagine how you want to whiter teeth, it is important to factor in the power of a beautiful smile.

Research has shown that a bright, attractive smile speaks volumes. It tells others that you are trustworthy, motivated, healthy, energetic, friendly, and more. A dingy smile speaks volumes, as well. It conveys that you may be lazy, unhealthy, unfriendly, and even dishonest. None of these things may be true about you, but your smile does the talking, regardless. When we treat patients for whiter teeth in our Vernon Hills office, we often find that their life improves overall.

dream smile makeover

Teeth become discolored for a number of reasons and, relatively speaking, quite easily. The color of your enamel was partly dictated by genetics. We all have our own shade of white. Discoloration is a different matter. This tends to occur as tiny particles are deposited into enamel via foods and beverages. Whether coffee, red wine, soda, or high-tannin foods, teeth are susceptible and your smile is at stake. Fortunately, discoloration can now be handled quickly and comfortably in the office of your experienced dentist.

Like many dental treatments, the tooth whitening procedure has evolved a great deal over the years. You may not know this but humans have been trying to keep their teeth white for centuries. In ancient times, this was attempted with some type of acid such as vinegar and pumice. Due to the wearing down of enamel, this method disappeared. Today, we need not take such drastic measures. Dentists like Dr. Kumar offer safe, proven methods for teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

The efficiency of in-office and home whitening treatments results in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of teeth. Each method is safe and each lifts several shades quickly. When considering teeth whitening treatment, what you choose will largely come down to preference in terms of time and budget.

We love helping our patients achieve a smile they love. Learn more about your whitening options at 224-324-3151.