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Why 6-month braces get such favorable reviews

6 month braces reviews

Patients of SmileMoreToday in the Vernon Hills area have a number of options when it comes to handling misalignment issues. Dr. Kumar understands that each individual is different, as is each situation. What may be an ideal orthodontic solution for one person may not be suitable for another. To discover how you can best correct misalignment, simply schedule your consultation in our conveniently located office. During this visit, we will discuss treatments including Invisalign and 6-month braces, an innovative treatment that receives favorable reviews

Over several decades, we have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the area of orthodontic dentistry. First, we had metal braces that wrapped completely around each individual tooth. Then we saw smaller metal brackets and wires able to accomplish the same thing. Orthodontics continued to improve with advances in materials, leading to tooth-colored brackets and wires, also called invisible braces. Today, teens and adults alike are finding it easier than ever to straighten their teeth using aligner methods and expedited methods like 6-month braces. 

The innovative 6-month braces treatment uses proven orthodontic principles to quickly move teeth into proper position. Ideal for mild to moderate misalignment, this method is designed to continually place light force onto teeth via tooth-colored, barely noticeable brackets and wires. Many who choose this treatment to achieve their smile goals in just three to four months, though treatment can extend up to nine months for more severe misalignment. 

orthodontic appliance

Tooth-colored appliances are just one reason PowerProx 6-month braces are appealing to our patients from the Vernon Hills areas. There is also the option, in many cases, to place the orthodontic appliance on the back-side of teeth, where they cannot be seen. Imagine recreating your smile over a short period of time without ever showing signs of treatment! That is, other than your healthy, beautiful smile. Though an appealing option, the back-side application of appliances is not always chosen due to the fact that the low profile and coloring of brackets and wires are so discreet that the smile is barely impacted at all. 

Adult and teen patients of SmileMoreToday can make minor to moderate changes to teeth that are most visible in the smile. After a consultation that includes x-rays and a discussion of needs and wishes, it is possible to have your dream smile within just a few short months. To learn more about 6-month braces, call 847-247-1700 our office in Vernon Hills.