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Bleeding gums are a perfect reason to see dentist

Bleeding gums are a very good reason to see your dentist near Vernon Hills, IL

Dr. Kumar has an outstanding reputation as a cosmetic dentist. He also provides patients with services designed to preserve the health and beauty of their smiles for many years. At Smile More Today, we want to give you every reason to feel good about your smile.

Issues like teeth discoloration, chips, misalignment, and missing teeth can steal more than a little of your confidence. The unhealthy conditions that can develop can cause a lot more distress than you imagine. Bleeding gums, for instance, may seem easily explainable. We encourage patients of our office near Vernon Hills, IL to take this problem seriously.

Except in very rare instances of significant injury, the gums should not bleed. Brushing a little too hard, which many people do, will not result in bleeding gums when tissue is healthy. Gum tissue is very resilient and capable of withstanding quite a bit of wear. If bleeding occurs, a reason can be found.

Bleeding gums

Typically, the reason gums bleed is that tissue has been weakened by tiny disease-causing microorganisms. Gum disease is progressive and begins as irritation. This irritation is the result of the acidic byproduct left on teeth and gums by bacteria. When early irritation is not quickly addressed, bacteria can more easily attack inflamed tissue and problems extend far beyond bleeding.

Dr. Kumar has been providing gentle care for years. His approach to gum disease is to attack the cause, oral bacteria, in the most conservative, most effective manner. When detected early, gum disease can often be treated with a deep cleaning performed in the dental office. The more advanced gum disease becomes, the more involved treatment must be. Each patient benefits the most from a treatment plan designed around the extent of the damage and aggressiveness of the bacteria.

At SmileMoreToday, your smile is our priority. Call 224-324-3151 to schedule your check up and avoid the pitfalls of gum disease.