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Teeth Whitening Vernon Hills


A bright white smile radiates youth, health, warmth, happiness, and vitality. With our image-conscious society, there has been an ever-increasing demand for whiter smiles. Beyond social perception, a sparkling smile can make you feel terrific. Teeth whitening can even be a part of your smile makeover in Vernon Hills.


Primary (baby) teeth are typically whiter than adult teeth, and then as time passes, adult teeth darken even more. People have strived to whiten their teeth for centuries; the ancient Egyptians cleaned their teeth with ground pumice mixed with vinegar to brighten their smiles. Fortunately, modern professional teeth whitening is effective, conservative, relatively inexpensive, and safer for your teeth!


There are numerous benefits to teeth whitening:


Increased self-esteem

The most important reason to whiten your teeth is to feel better about yourself.


Great first impressions

People have a tendency to form a first impression of someone within seconds of meeting someone. After a smile makeover in Vernon Hills, a bright smile is perceived as friendly and attractive, creating a positive image.


Career success

A study by Loyola Marymount found that those with smiles that are more attractive are more likely to receive interviews, job offers, raises, and promotions, than their counterparts, are.



As time passes, teeth become discolored due to wear and tear, consuming staining substances, and ineffective oral hygiene. A teeth whitening treatment can easily make you look several years younger.



When their teeth are discolored, most people are hesitant to smile, and this reluctance can be seen as unwelcoming, or even hostile. Those who have whiter teeth tend to smile freely, and genuine natural smiles are warm and welcoming.


Big Events

A teeth whitening treatment can make you look your best for those special occasions such as class reunions and weddings. You will not have to avoid the camera to hide a discolored smile after your smile makeover in Vernon Hills.


Affordable Cosmetic Enhancement

Teeth whitening is the most requested and most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available. Small steps can lead to great results, and the simple act of whitening your teeth can enhance your smile, your confidence, and your life.


Boost Your Mood

When you like the way your teeth look you tend to smile more. Scientists have found that the act of smiling triggers the production of our body’s “happiness peptides” (endorphins). Smiling with confidence can dramatically improve your mood.


Oral Hygiene

To the delight of dentists worldwide, patients who have teeth whitening treatments generally practice improved oral hygiene to maintain their beautiful smiles, which protects their oral health as well.


Dr. Amit Kumar offers teeth whitening and numerous other cosmetic, preventive, and restorative, services including to help his patients enjoy total beauty, wellness, and oral health. Contact Dr. Kumar for a smile makeover in Vernon Hills, and schedule an appointment today.


We are serving our patients throughout the Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Mundelein, Buffalo Grove, Lincolnshire, and Lake Forest locations.