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Tooth extraction care differs with immediate implant placement in our Vernon Hills office

As much as your dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL works to prevent the loss of permanent teeth, this experience will occur in some people. Tooth loss may occur for several reasons. Perhaps a tooth is severely injured by some type of physical trauma. Other reasons include advanced gum disease or structural damage due to decay. In cases in which a tooth or teeth have been extensively damaged, extraction may be the most sensible treatment option. When a tooth is extracted, however, replacement should take place quickly. As research shows, the sooner a missing tooth is replaced, the better.


Dental implants for successful, comfortable tooth replacement

Throughout the past fifty years, dental implant technology has been progressively improved upon. Many people are unaware of the long history of dental implants because we only recently began hearing about this form of treatment as an alternative to bridges and dentures. Today, implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement for good reason.

Typically, tooth replacement with implants is a two-step process that includes a healing period. The reason for this two to six month period is that stabilization of the implant occurs naturally over time. Usually, in four to six months bone tissue surrounding the implant will fuse to the post, anchoring it into place.


Further improvements in technology now allow your dentist to immediately place implants after tooth extraction. There are several benefits to this level of dental care, which we provide as a dentist in Buffalo Grove, IL. Numerous clinical trials have shown that the immediate placement of an implant or implants, when appropriate, can lead to a shortened overall recovery period. During this time, a provisional, or temporary, restoration may be affixed to the implant, and compliance with aftercare instructions is important. Placing too much pressure onto a healing implant can have adverse effects, lengthening, rather than shortening the recovery period.

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