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Cosmetic smile makeover with dentist in Vernon Hills

Achieve your cosmetic smile makeover with your Vernon Hills dentist (1)

Gorgeous, flawless smiles are not reserved for high profile celebrities. Today, people all around the globe are addressing their smile concerns with cosmetic dental treatments. Surveys have revealed the immense benefit experienced by individuals who enhance their smiles with help from their cosmetic dentist. When you feel good about your smile, your whole demeanor can improve along with your confidence. 

One of the fastest ways to transform your smile is with porcelain veneers


cosmetic dentistry for smile makeover

Thanks to the power of social media and modern marketing, most people are at least somewhat familiar with the power of cosmetic dentistry for smile makeover purposes. In our offices in Vernon Hills, patients can learn just how dramatically their smile can improve through the placement of customized sheets of beautiful porcelain. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of cosmetic treatment our patients can learn is that not all veneers are equally capable of creating natural beauty. At SmileMoreToday, we are proud of the level of service and quality our patients receive from our team. 

Service is at the forefront of all of our dental treatments. As serious as we are about the results we can achieve with smile makeover treatment, we are equally focused on the experiences our patients have in our office. 

Results are what cosmetic dentistry is all about. With the SmileMoreToday team, patients are able to realize their smile goals quickly due to our extensive experience and eye for detail. Even when transforming smiles, we strive for the most natural, beautiful appearance. Your smile should always look like your very own. 


smile makeover with your Vernon Hills dentist

Design is at the heart of beautiful results. Our veneers are fabricated in a state-of-the-art dental laboratory whose reputation we know we can count on for excellent results. The lab we work with has continually produced high quality restorations that our patients love.

Dr. Kumar has been serving the cosmetic and general dental needs of residents of Vernon Hills, and surrounding areas for many years. If you are ready to love your smile, contact us today.