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Cosmetic Tooth Veneers From Vernon Hills Dentist

Cosmetic tooth veneers

The development of the porcelain tooth veneer was one of the most significant advances in cosmetic dentistry. Initially, smile enhancement was focused on perfecting the images of high profile celebrities. However, today, anyone who wishes to have a movie-star smile can do so with help from a skilled cosmetic dentist. Dr. Kumar has helped many people correct a tooth or teeth with beautiful teeth veneers. In our Vernon Hills dental office, you, too, can discover the transformative power of this cosmetic treatment

Beautiful smiles begin with healthy teeth

after dental treatment

Cosmetic dental treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation in which patients may discuss with their dentist the concerns they have about their smiles. A thorough examination of teeth and gums is also performed before smile-enhancing treatment can begin because oral health is of the utmost importance. Untreated dental issues can shorten the lifespan of cosmetic procedures and can lead to tooth loss. 

Designing a dazzling smile

Designing a dazzling smile

First impressions are largely made in a non-verbal fashion. Flashing a beautiful smile, you can convey positive emotions as well as attributes such as friendliness, sincerity, and confidence. Having the ability to smile freely also has a positive impact on your own wellbeing, allowing you to feel more confident as you interact with those you meet. At SmileMoreToday, we recognize that individuality comes, in part, from your smile. We design cosmetic treatments such as porcelain teeth veneers around not only concerns but also facial characteristics including coloring and proportions. 

Your dream smile is within reach

dream smile makeover

Our dental team maintains a high standard of quality, which greatly benefits our patients. Dr. Kumar and the professionals we work with, such as dental laboratories and ceramists, are all committed to the same goal: beautiful smiles that look completely natural. Enhancing the smile may seem straightforward, but your dentist knows the intricate details that lead to a natural appearance. 

Our teeth are neither opaque nor monochromatic (containing a single color). If you look closely, you will notice that you can see your teeth are slightly translucent. Color variations may be harder to detect, but they are there. A skilled cosmetic dentist is able to replicate the subtle details of each tooth using high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship.

Dr. Kumar serves the areas in and around Vernon Hills and Chicago. Contact Smile More Today to start on your dream smile.