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Options Available in Vernon Hills IL

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Lost or extracted teeth can have a negative effect on a patient’s smile. Patients want their smiles to be beautiful and flawless. This provides patients with confidence and the positive self-esteem they desire in both their business and personal lives. When patients are proud of their smiles, they often feel better, work harder, and are happier overall. Dr. Kumar, of Smile More Today Dental Wellness Center, is an implant dentist in Vernon Hills, IL who can help patients who have dealt with the loss of one or more teeth.


Dental implants play an important part in cosmetic and general dentistry. They improve the look of a smile and help in achieving a fully functioning, efficient smile as well. Biting, chewing, and speaking are easier without gaps, and dental implants can help in restoring the smile after loss or extraction.


Dental implants are titanium posts that an implant dentist in Vernon Hills, IL surgically places into the jawbone. They are restored with dental crowns to provide patients a beautiful smile once again. Whether a patient has lost their teeth from extraction, trauma, or disease, dental implants are a great consideration as a permanent way to restore the smile.


At Smile More Today Dental Wellness Center, we offer “teeth in a day†for patients, as well as all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implant-supported dentures. Patients who are scheduled for an extraction can have their dental implants placed and restored during the same appointment. This allows patients to enjoy their beautiful smile even after trauma.


All-on-4 and All-on-6 are hybrid dentures that allow patients to enjoy a strong, sturdy bite, even with restorations. Traditional dentures have a tendency to slide on the gums and can cause irritation and sores. This makes them uncomfortable to wear. They are also known for not staying in place when a patient is eating. Even dental adhesives can’t provide the same stability as all-on-4 or all-on-6 implant-supported dentures. Patients with this type of denture will have four to six dental implants placed into their jawbone, and a special hybrid denture is made to snap into place over the implants or screw into the implants so they cannot be removed by the patient. This strength and durability is unsurpassed by any other restorative option available through cosmetic and general dentists.

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