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Dental Implants – Implants for Single, Multiple, or All Missing Teeth

For your smile to be fully healthy and attractive, it is necessary to have all of your teeth. When teeth are lost or removed, replacement is an important next step. Space left by missing teeth can lead to dental problems such as cavities and gum disease, as well as misalignment, having both physical and cosmetic effects. Finding a suitable replacement for missing teeth also maintains support for facial structures, keeping the face looking healthy and youthful.chauffeur services


One of the most effective, most versatile options in tooth replacement to date is dental implants. This form of treatment is the only one that is considered permanent. Designed around patient need, dental implant treatment may be used for the patient replacing one tooth, several teeth, or all teeth. With implants, Dr. Kumar can restore visible beauty to the smile, a strong bite, and the ultimate in stability.


Implants are suited to just about any scenario, from solitary replacement to full-mouth restoration, having an effect that looks and feels very natural. Implants are considered by many to be a step above conventional restoration because they are situated within the jaw, not on top of the gums. With this situation, implants replace not only the missing tooth but also its root. The recreation of the natural structure between the jaw and teeth is ideal, as is evident in the high success rate of implant treatment.