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Discover more comfortable care with your sedation dentist in Vernon Hills


sedation dentist in Vernon Hills

The unfortunate fact is that many people associate visits to the dentist with pain. First, pain develops in a tooth and a visit for repair must be scheduled. When care is provided, numbing medication is delivered via shots. Though the needle used for dental anesthetic is very small, many patients would prefer to avoid this part of dentistry. At SmileMoreToday, we are committed to building strong, positive attitudes towards dentistry one visit at a time. If you would like to experience more comfortable dental care, schedule a visit with your sedation dentist in Vernon Hills. Dr. Amit Kumar has helped many of his patients overcome dental anxiety with proven methods.  

Dentistry really doesn’t have to be painful physically nor psychologically. When you fear dental treatment will be uncomfortable, your tendency may be to avoid the dentist altogether. Logically, you may understand that forgoing routine dental care will only lead to problems down the road. When you feel anxious about seeing the dentist, however, logic seems to be fleeting as it pertains to scheduling your visit. Patients of SmileMoreToday do not have to find it difficult to see the dentist. When you choose our dental practice, you have the opportunity to obtain more comfortable care with our sedation services.

sedation dentist

Hundreds of thousands of anxious dental patients have been able to reap the benefits of quality dental care by working with a skilled, compassionate sedation dentist. Although sedation was once only offered to patients undergoing complex procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction, this service is now more common. Sedation can help you get the care you need to enjoy your healthiest smile.

How sedation works

There are a number of methods for sedation in dental care. Each method may differ in terms of delivery and dosing, but the overall effect of sedation is the same. Sedative medication may be administered by inhalation, ingestion, or via an intravenous line. When the sedative is introduced into the body, its effect can be very quickly felt. The central nervous system is slowed by sedation. This translates into feelings of peace and well being.   

Discover a better way to receive dental care. Call SmileMoreToday for your consultation.