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Do you want to replace missing teeth?

Do you want to replace missing teeth

Gaps in the smile cause more than the immediate cosmetic problems. In time, missing teeth can affect oral health, digestive health, and your general sense of wellbeing. Finding the most effective, most naturally attractive solution to missing teeth is important. At SmileMoreToday, we are happy to offer a number of treatment options to patients from Vernon Hills, and surrounding areas. Although dental implants are often considered innovative dental technology, this type of treatment has actually been in use for several decades.

Due to the quality of materials and refinement of modern techniques, dental implants have become the most predictable and most successful long-term restoration procedure. Even within the area of implantology, improvements continue to be made, making this treatment available to a wider range of people.

One of the improvements that has improved outcome is the development of mini implants. Compared to traditional implants, mini implants vary in a few distinct ways:

  • The diameter of mini implants is about half of traditional posts.
  • Traditional implants have two parts, the implant post, and the abutment. Mini implants are single-piece units containing both the post and the abutment.
  • Traditional styles are hollow, whereas a mini implant is solid.
  • Mini implants can often be placed without incisions.

dental implants formissing teeth

Though there are several advantages to mini implants, this does not mean they are right for every person or situation. Some people may find that denture stabilization is ideal with traditional implants on the upper arch and mini implants on the lower arch, where the amount of bone is naturally less. Mini implants are well suited to denture stabilization because, in this instance, less stress is placed on individual implants. When only a single tooth needs to be replaced, traditional, full sized implants may be best. 

The team at Smile More Today provides each of our patients with individual care, designing solutions around specific dental needs. Because every person is different, the best form of treatment is that which is uniquely tailored. Beginning with a thorough examination and in-depth consultation, Dr. Kumar can help you determine the best way to replace missing teeth or stabilize dentures. 

Address your dental needs in a warm, caring environment. Contact Smile More Today for your visit in our Vernon Hills office.