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Effective teeth whitening found in Vernon Hills

Effective teeth whitening found in Vernon Hills

If you are like millions of other adults, you have looked into the mirror and noticed that your smile is not as bright as it once was. Perhaps you can’t even remember how white your teeth had been at one time or how long ago that was. If your teeth have become dull or yellow, chances are you have also noticed that there are a great many solutions that seem to live on the shelves of your local store. From home kits to “whitening” toothpaste to paint on whitening liquid, these do-it-yourself products promise effective teeth whitening.

We meet with many individuals from Vernon Hills as well as the suburbs who have tried one or more home whitening treatment. Many of them became disillusioned after their efforts were not rewarded as expected. In some cases, irritation to soft tissues will be the only thing that comes from a DIY teeth whitening experience.  The problem lies in the fact that drugstore treatments and home remedies are one-size-fits all. Discoloration and oral tissues, on the other hand, are not. When you want results without the hassle, visit SmileMoreToday for truly effective teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening treatment has several advantages

Effective teeth whitening

  • Your dentist customizes care to your smile. Before beginning teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Kumar consults with his patients and performs a thorough evaluation. When you meet with your dentist, you are able to have a discussion about the concerns you have and what treatment options may be best suited to achieve your ultimate goal of a gorgeous smile. 
  • Working with your dentist for a whiter smile is safe. Unfortunately, there are a number of home remedies for discoloration floating around the internet. These methods may remove discoloration, but they may also do so by removing the outer coating of enamel, the layer of material intended to protect teeth from sensitivity. Additionally, one-size-fits-all commercial solutions are not molded to your tooth structure. There is, therefore, a chance for gum irritation.
  • When you whiten as a team with your dentist, you have a place to turn should questions arise. 

The team at SmileMoreToday has the commitment and the experience to help you reach your smile goals. If you are in the area of Vernon Hills, don’t take chances with teeth whitening. Contact the office nearest you for personalized care.