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Implant restoration is right for you with help of your dentist

Dental Implant

A healthy, attractive smile is not the only thing preserved with the right solution for missing teeth. Dental implant tooth replacement also ensures that normal chewing function continues and that facial contours retain the necessary support for a healthy appearance. Although teeth may still be replaced with conventional options such as a dental bridge or a custom-fitted denture, more people are seeing the superior benefits possible with dental implant restoration. In our dental office in The Loop, Chicago, Dr. Kumar provides several options for patients seeking tooth replacement, taking great care during consultations to help patients discover the treatment best suited to their unique needs.

Most people are fine candidates for dental implant treatment. The key to success lies in the osseointegration process, which occurs in the months following the precise placement of implants. In this gradual process, healthy bone tissue in the jaw fuses around individual implants, stabilizing them in the jaw. As bone tissue is an integral part of long-term success, your dentist will conduct a thorough examination and history to ensure optimal results.

Dental Implantation

One factor that has been shown to affect the success of osseointegration is smoking. In studies, smokers have been shown to be six times more likely to have trouble with implants, often as significant as a total failure, because fusion between the bone and implant does not occur the way it should. Patients should discuss their use of tobacco products with their dentist, especially when considering tooth replacement with dental implants.

Dentists look for evidence of adequate bone density and size in planning dental implant treatment, as there must be enough space within the bone to position the necessary number of implants for natural function. At Smile More Today, we conduct implant planning using technology that provides us with the most in-depth information and imaging. In addition to assessing bone size and density, we are able to see the location of nerve bundles and sinuses, which improves our ability to properly position implant posts.

We want our patients to feel confident in choosing the treatment that best meets their needs. Dr. Kumar takes time to listen carefully to patients, and provide necessary information that will help their decision-making process. 

Restore your smile to its most natural structure with dental implants. Contact our office to learn more, or to schedule your consultation.