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Improve your smile with Invisalign

invisalign procedure

Orthodontic treatment offers clear benefits, in both the short and long term. The capabilities of braces to straighten crooked smiles have never really been disputed. At the same time, there are millions of people who chose, at one time or another, to live with misalignment rather than to live under metal brackets and wires for a single day. With the Invisalign procedure, designed by your Vernon Hills area dentist, it is possible to reach your smile goals without the traditional look of braces.

The thought that teeth can be straightened by wearing a clear plastic aligner, one that can be removed, at that, can be more than a little confusing, though utterly appealing at the same time. How is it possible that a discreet, thin appliance that looks like a mouth guard or teeth whitening tray has the power to move teeth? The secret lies in the ClinCheck software used in the Invisalign laboratory, and the durability of modern materials. Though the pressure placed on teeth does not come from brackets and wires, it is there nonetheless and has been proven quite capable.

How aligners can straighten teeth

How aligners can straighten teeth

Throughout the Invisalign treatment program, several different sets of aligners are worn, each set for about two weeks. Each subsequent set is designed to achieve the next projected movement towards alignment. What this means to patient comfort is that every new set of aligners will feel “tight” against the arch. As teeth progress in their positive movements, the aligner will become more comfortable and will be more easily inserted and removed for brushing and meals.

Invisalign aligners are designed for a specific end result. Where one set may apply greater pressure to a specific area or tooth, another may apply more generalized force. If mild discomfort occurs in a given area, this would be the reason. With each set of aligners, a new smile will be emerging – one that is healthier and more attractive. By the time the last aligner is removed, you will love what you see shining back at you in the mirror!

The team at SmileMoreToday loves helping our patients achieve their goals and expectations. We want to help you love the look of your smile. To learn more about Invisalign, contact our Vernon Hills office.