Insignia orthodontic aligners are ideal for creating perfect teeth in Illinois - SmileMoreToday
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Insignia orthodontic aligners are ideal for creating perfect teeth in Illinois

orthodontic aligners

Once the evolution of orthodontic treatment began several years ago, teens, and adults found new hope that smile perfection could be attained without having to wear traditional metal braces. Indeed, tooth-colored braces, lower profile brackets, and strong, plastic aligners have made a huge impact on how misalignment is treated today. In many situations, orthodontic aligners can be used for the correction of misalignment, creating that perfect smile with gorgeous teeth that our Illinois patients desire. 

Insignia orthodontic aligners customize care

When most people think of orthodontic aligners, they think of Invisalign. Although this system is quite effective, and offered at SmileMoreToday, Insignia orthodontic treatment should also be considered. In our office, we discuss the various options for straightening crooked teeth so that our patients may choose the type of treatment best suited to their overall needs. In addition to aligners, Insignia also designs customized conventional braces. 

The advantages of Insignia treatment come through the design process. To begin treatment, we take the standard impressions and send them to the state-of-the-art design lab, where a 3D representation of the patient’s unique dentition is created. Based on the existing anatomical structure and the goal we wish to achieve, aligners are custom-fabricated.

One of the special aspects of this design process is that we are able to view, with the patient, this 3D representation of tooth positioning. Through this advanced imaging processing, we can get a sneak peek at the smile transformation that awaits. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Insignia offers fast, comfortable treatment whether aligners are chosen or a conventional form of treatment is most suitable. Because each form of treatment is tailored to the specific aspects of the individual patient, comfort and efficiency are both elevated. Many patients find they are able to realize their desired result with fewer office visits and, often, a shortened treatment period.

At SmileMoreToday, we believe that our patients benefit the most by having choices. Your smile is all your own, and you have ideas of the type of treatment you feel most comfortable with. We tailor treatment to fit into patients’ lifestyles. 

Where braces are concerned, we offer several options so that the desired outcome is achieved in the most discreet, predictable way.

Contact SmileMoreToday to see your smile transformed.