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Invisible Braces Options in Vernon Hills

Invisible Braces Options in Vernon Hills

Invisible Braces Options in Vernon Hills

We see each of our patients as a unique individuals. Each person has their own set of characteristics, both physical and psychological in nature. Just as we all have our own set of fingerprints, we have smiles that are solely our own. At SmileMoreToday, we respect the individuality of patients by offering a variety of solutions for problems such as misalignment. 

Dr. Kumar has completed training in a number of different orthodontic methods, ranging from those designed to perfect the smile cosmetically to treatments that address bite issues. One thing that we keep in mind when incorporating treatments into our practice is patients’ desire for discretion. 

Insignia clear braces for beautiful smiles

insignia clear braces

In our office in Vernon Hills, we believe in choices. One option that our patients have to choose from when they wish to correct misalignment is Insignia. Insignia offers a few different types of orthodontic treatment. The reason that patients find this approach appealing is that the Insignia tooth-straightening process is customized. 

The process begins with an in-office consultation and evaluation and taking impressions. The appliances made in the Insignia lab are produced using a 3D model of the patient’s oral structure, which leads to the highest degree of precision in treating misalignment. The clear braces designed by Insignia are made to accomplish consistent progress in tooth movement, which achieves the desired outcome with fewer visits.

Insignia Clear Guide orthodontic aligners

The Insignia clear braces are effective, comfortable, and create beautiful smiles. However, many people prefer straightening teeth with removable aligner trays. Using the Insignia Clear Guide system, we help qualified patients accomplish their smile goals in a truly customized way. 

Different from other aligner methods, Insignia ClearGuide aligners are made one at a time. This approach is a wonderful alternative to the development of an entire treatment program at the onset of treatment because it allows us to ensure the greatest amount of accuracy as teeth are gradually moved.

We love helping our patients achieve their best smiles through treatments that are tailored to their unique needs. We all have many reasons to smile in life. Straightening teeth with a customized system allows you to feel confident when you do.

Dr. Kumar and the team at SmileMoreToday look forward to helping you love your smile. Contact us for your visit.