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Recreate your smile by contouring and tooth reshaping

tooth reshaping in our Vernon Hills

Today it seems nearly impossible to turn on the television, watch a movie, or even look in a magazine without being reminded of all the natural beauty most people seem to have been blessed with. The people who tend to be in the spotlight are those whose smiles shine brightly and whose teeth perfectly complement their facial features. How is it that some people are born with the absolute perfect smile and here you are feeling dissatisfied with yours? It seems quite unfair, when you think about it. 

What we don’t often consider, however, is that most people actually aren’t born with perfect smiles. Many of the beautiful smiles we see in the media as well as in our daily life have been brightened, straightened, and perfected by a skilled cosmetic dentist. Patients of SmileMoreToday can benefit from customized cosmetic planning that may include a number of treatments, such as the contouring and tooth reshaping. If you live in The Vernon Hills, a quick call to the office nearest you can move you towards your best smile. 

Discreet solutions for your smile concerns

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The key to cosmetic dentistry is personalization. The goal of cosmetic dental care is to elevate the appearance of your smile so that it looks like you were born with those bright white, straight, perfectly proportioned teeth. There is no perfect solution for every person. Each of our patients is unique to us and we plan care according to their needs and expectations. We understand that the most attractive smile is the one that is at home on your face. By achieving the ideal color of white, the ideal contouring of teeth, we help you feel your best about your smile aesthetic.

A beautiful smile, a beautiful reality

smile makeover with smile more today

Your smile makeover may be achieved with a very simple treatment, or it may require multiple procedures. Many of our patients find that their problems are very minor, such as a gap or gaps between teeth, a small chip, or discoloration. Some of the cosmetic problems that people experience can be corrected in as little as one visit. However long the duration of treatment, the end result is a beautiful new smile. 

Improving the smile is not complicated when you work with an experienced dental team like that at SmileMoreToday. The work that goes into your smile is worth every day, every week, or every month because, in the end, you will feel confident in your appearance. 

SmileMoreToday has offices in Vernon Hills. We are happy to serve your general and cosmetic dental needs. Contact us today.