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The importance of preventative dental care in Vernon Hills, IL

preventative dental care


The best way to handle health is to prevent problems, rather than chase disease. This is true in terms of oral health as much as it is with general health. Many of the common dental problems that send people to their dentist with urgent needs can be prevented, which is why we like to focus on preventative dental care in our Vernon Hills, IL offices. With regular dental care, we work on prevention and also have the ability to detect problems like cavities while they are still small and easily handled with conservative treatment before they can progress. 

What can come out of common dental problems:



teeth cavities

Cavities begin with small areas of erosion. The early signs of cavities are very difficult to detect. Erosion, however, continues until a pit (cavity) develops in the outer surface of the tooth. At this point, the cavity may not cause pain, though sensitivity may occur. The progression of erosion does not stop at the outer enamel but moves inward where damage can occur faster due to the softness of dentin. If not treated, a cavity can reach in the pulp chamber of the tooth, exposing nerves to infection. Infection in the pulp chamber can cause intense pain.

Gum disease

gum disease treatment

Gum disease is an infection that typically begins at the gum line, where bacteria can accumulate in plaque. Detected in the beginning stage of gingivitis, gum disease can be cured with deep cleaning and recommended home care. This infection, however, can spread if not treated right away. Gum disease moves inward, towards teeth roots, and also toward bone tissue. As gum tissue becomes inflamed, it pulls away from teeth, and pockets form. The formation of pockets opens the door for bacteria to advance inward and downward. Untreated gum disease eventually affects the ligaments and bone tissue in the jaw, putting the entire oral structure at risk. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. 

Dr. Kumar and the SmileMoreToday team understand that dental visits can be stressful. We provide care that is effective and tailored to each patient’s needs in a warm, caring environment. Our friendly attitudes are meant to encourage you to maintain regular dental visits, which maximize preventative care. 

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