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What is the point of CPAP therapy in the Vernon Hills


Obstructive sleep apnea is a problem that currently affects millions of individuals. Many people suffer this problem thinking only that they snore. This is concerning considering the long term effects of the sleep disorder, including the potentially fatal outcome. In the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, physicians typically prescribe the nightly use of CPAP therapy. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is a therapy in which the airway is kept open with forced air. 

What is CPAP treatment?

CPAP treatment

CPAP is used by many men and women in Vernon Hills and beyond.  The entire device consists of a nasal or facial mask and strap, a long hose, and a small air compressor. The air compressor sits by the side of the bed, attached to the hose on one end. At the other end, the hose is connected to the facial or nasal mask. The machine does not actually do the breathing for the patient, it simply delivers air to the airway continuously throughout sleep, when muscles around the throat become fully relaxed. It is this forced air that keeps the airway open beneath the pressure of neck muscles.

Does CPAP work?

CPAP work

Many people are very happy with the results of CPAP therapy. This is the only non-surgical medical treatment for sleep apnea, offering the benefit of restored sleep. So, does CPAP work? In short, yes. The longer answer is that CPAP works if the patient complies with nightly wear of the mask/hose device. This is where treatment gets tricky. Due to the number of unpleasant side effects that may arise from the mask, the forced air, or the emotional impact of this form of treatment, compliance tends to be fairly low.

Is there an alternative?

Throughout the years, dentistry has experienced immense transformation. Now, dentists also have the ability to help their patients regain control over their sleeping patterns with oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. Many of the men and women who cannot tolerate the physical or psychological effects of CPAP find oral appliance therapy far more comfortable and, most importantly,  very effective. 

Dr. Kumar is an experienced dentist who has treated many patients with oral appli ance therapy. If you suspect that your snoring could be more than a nuisance, we can help you determine if obstructive sleep apnea is threatening your health and wellbeing. Call SmileMoreToday in Vernon Hills.