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Why all on 4 dental implants get rave reviews

all on 4 dental implants

Over the course of the past ten to fifteen years, we have seen an enormous shift in how tooth loss is handled in dentistry. The development of dental implants actually began about half a century ago, though this new standard of treatment took decades to become mainstream. Today, implant treatment for tooth loss is preferred by dentists as well as most dental patients. 

Dental implants are special due to their design in which teeth roots are replaced. This method has been used to replace solitary missing teeth for some time. Now, patients who are tired of unstable denture appliances are finding they have a cost-effective way to combine the best of two proven treatments. At SmileMoreToday, we offer All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants treatment, a method that continually gets rave reviews. If you live in the Vernon Hills area, our office is conveniently located where you can take advantage of implant dentistry.

How hybrid dentures work

All on 4 and All on 6 implant treatment

All on 4 and All on 6 implant treatment is a sort of hybrid denture procedure, one that provides outstanding stability and can end your reliance on denture adhesives to get through meals and normal conversations. In a single procedure, Dr. Kumar strategically places four or six dental implants into the jawbone after numbing medication and sedation, if requested, has been administered. The implant procedure takes only a short time and is not uncomfortable. 

Implants themselves are tiny posts made of durable titanium. These posts take the place of teeth roots as healthy bone tissue fuses around them, firmly situating them in the same fashion as natural roots. Stabilized in the bone, implants make the ideal foundation for a denture appliance designed to snap onto the tops of implants for full functionality. 

One of the reasons that this hybrid treatment is well-reviewed is for its ability to restore comfort and confidence in the denture wearer. Alone, denture appliances tend to require adjustments in order to remain fitted to the jawbone. Without adhesive, and sometimes even with it, dentures may feel loose and may even slide out of place at inopportune moments. When affixed to just a few dental implants, dentures become as stable as natural teeth, allowing for full confidence during meals and other moments in which the smile is seen. 

Another aspect of implant-supported dentures that is appealing is the lifetime of function, beauty, and comfort that comes from treatment. Made of corrosion-resistant materials, implants, and the dentures that sit on top can last many, many years with proper care. Oral hygiene remains an important component of implant success due to the nature of oral bacteria. We discuss with our patients how to care for implant-supported dentures and how to prevent gum disease through home care and regular dental visits.

Dr. Kumar has helped many individuals from the Vernon Hills area achieve better oral health. Contact SmileMoreToday to arrange your consultation for care.