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Why all on 4 implant treatment is popular in the Vernon Hills

all on 4 treatment


Whether you have worn dentures for a few years, for many years, or are just now facing tooth loss and replacement, Dr. Kumar and the SmileMoreToday team have dental implant solutions designed to meet your specific needs. 

Due to the fact that dental implants are singular prosthesis inserted into the jaw for what could really be considered root replacement, it may seem as though this is an “all or nothing” type of procedure; either you replace individual teeth with a couple dozen implants or you replace all of your teeth with a full denture appliance. Where there was a short time during which implants were looked at for individual tooth replacement, this is no longer the case. Many of our patients benefit greatly from combining implants with dentures. 

The  chosen by many of our patients from the Vernon Hills area consists of four dental implants on an arch and a full, customized denture appliance. Using this specific approach to tooth replacement, it is possible to achieve a higher degree of functionality, stability, and comfort in a more affordable way.

Dentures alone require suction in order to remain stable. As the shape of the jawbone and gum contouring change with time, however, the degree of suction that can be achieved decreases. Denture adhesive may provide additional support but, at some point, dentures will require relining in order to once again fit nicely around the gums. The all on 4 or all on 6 procedure minimizes the need for suction because the denture appliance is made with connective pieces into which implants can be affixed. Snapped into place, the denture appliance gains an immense amount of stability and becomes a more permanent fixture.

tooth replacement with a dental implant

The benefits of dental implant treatment are extensive whether used alone or in conjunction with a denture appliance. The titanium implant posts are inserted into the jawbone in a precise procedure performed by Dr. Kumar, who has completed rigorous training in implant dentistry. Our patients are very comfortable throughout this procedure with local anesthetic and sedation, if needed. Over a few months’ time, implants become surrounding by healthy bone tissue. Through this fusion, individual posts gain lifelong stability.

The stability gained by insertion in the jawbone leads to the highest degree of functionality, comfort, and confidence. When you replace missing teeth, you want more than the illusion of a natural smile, you want teeth to feel like they belong, like they are rooted and strong. With all on 4 or all on 6 treatment at SmileMoreToday, you can achieve long lasting benefits that improve your quality of life. 

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