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Benefits of having a quality family dental practice in the Vernon Hills, IL area

Parents who want to ensure the dental health of their entire family are often searching for a quality family dental practice in their community. In Vernon Hills, IL, Dr. Kumar of SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center is committed to ensuring households get the treatments and education they need to maintain their oral health. With two convenient locations in Vernon Hills and Chicago, patients of all areas and ages can seek treatment at his practice.


There are several benefits to having a quality family dental practice. Here are just a few of the advantages many patients enjoy about having their household seen at Dr. Kumar’s facility:


Dr. Kumar has two practices, one located in Chicago and the other in Vernon Hills. No matter what community patients live in, they are likely to have one within reach! Location is definitely a factor in choosing the family dentist.

Easy Appointments

At SmileMoreToday, we understand that our patients live busy, hectic lives. From school functions to after-school activities, many families are always on the go. Our practice makes it easy to make dental visits such as the bi-annual cleaning and examination by offering simple, back-to-back appointments. Parents can schedule the entire family for their check-ups and make just one visit to the practice for everyone to be seen!

Maintenance of Records

A family dentist can maintain the records of generations of family members. This is beneficial for many reasons, including the ability to see genetic conditions that may occur down the line from each generation. Knowing hereditary information on a family can be advantageous for a dentist to properly diagnose specific dental concerns.

dental care

Emergency Care

When a family member has a dental emergency, many parents want to take them to a dental professional they already know and trust. Our practice can help when unexpected situations occur. Additionally, having records on file makes it easier to determine the best course of action based on the patient’s past dental needs and current situation.

Families in the Vernon Hills, IL, and Chicago, IL areas are encouraged to contact SmileMoreToday Dental Wellness Center to learn more about the variety of services offer6ed to patients of all ages. Call today to schedule a visit for comprehensive care that lasts a lifetime!