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Finding a dentist with evening hours in your town


professional dentist in vernon hills

The team at SmileMoreToday believes that we each deserve to feel good when we smile and laugh. Eating should be enjoyable and not wrought with frustration. We should be able to live without the constant concern of chronic bad breath, missing teeth, gum irritation, or persistent headaches. Not only is our team extensively trained, we are also extremely committed. We help our patients enjoy optimal oral health through compassionate dental care that focuses on the details. 

Dentistry has advanced a great deal through the centuries. At one time, the person who handled dental matters was the same one who would cut your hair. Today, we are fortunate to have highly educated dental professionals. Even in light of modern-day dental technology and techniques, our team strives to improve the dental experience. We are particularly concerned with the level of comfort our patients experience and with meeting their needs for convenience. 

Keeping up with dental care can be a challenge in today’s busy society. You may wish that you could find a dentist with night hours in your town. Well, you can. SmileMoreToday not only makes our patients’ experiences more pleasant, we want to make their lives easier. Patients who visit us for general and cosmetic dental care will be happy to find that our “normal” business hours revolve around their schedules. Several days a week, our office is open well past the typical 5 o’clock closing time so that our patients may more easily fit in their need for dental care. 

Your oral health is important to your general health and sense of wellbeing. A bright, dazzling smile enables you to carry yourself with the utmost confidence. According to research, feeling good about your smile has a positive impact on the various areas of your life, including your professional success, your relationships, and more. Dr. Kumar and his team have the skill, the caring attitude, and the commitment to excellence you can count on for outstanding results. 

SmileMoreToday offers services for your family’s dental needs. Visit us for:

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