PowerProx Six Month Braces treatment in Vernon Hills, IL
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PowerProx Six Month Braces® achieves beautiful smiles in Chicago

A better smile in about six months is a goal that, at one time, might seem a little overzealous. Today, though, there are so many treatment options in the area of orthodontics that most people can find a plan to suit their needs without having to have metal brackets cemented to teeth for years. Using PowerProx Six Month Braces®, Dr. Kumar achieves beautiful smiles in his Chicago practice.

The PowerProx system may sound new, but it uses components developed more than half a century ago. Designed with the very best technologies and materials, these braces move teeth safely and quickly by fitting together the best orthodontic principles in an innovative way. For instance, rather than using the same type of archwire found in conventional braces, the PowerProx archwire has a “shape memory” that remains consistent even if the wire is twisted, bent, or deformed.

Faster results by PowerProx Six Month Braces?

There is the perception that six-month orthodontic treatment must be more aggressive in nature with more appointments for tightening the archwire. In fact, over-tightening wires actually slows down the movement we are trying to achieve. Placing too much force on teeth irritates the periodontal ligament, which holds teeth in place. When bruising occurs in the ligament due to force, teeth freeze in place until the ligament has healed. With consistent, gentle force, the ligament more easily releases its hold on misaligned teeth, allowing faster movement.

Comfortable, discreet care

Many people who want to achieve straighter, healthier teeth consider Invisalign as the most advantageous treatment. While we do offer teeth straightening with Invisalign, there are benefits to the PowerProx Six Month Braces® system, as well. In addition to moving teeth quickly, this orthodontic treatment uses braces that are nearly invisible, blending in with natural tooth color very nicely. We understand our patients’ needs for discretion and we have chosen our treatment options with this in mind.

straighten teeth with orthodontics

Affordable care and an optimal outcome

Orthodontic treatment of any type is an investment into the smile. The various options available today offer teens and adults affordable options to achieve their goals. The PowerProx Six Month Braces® treatment plan is often lower in cost than other available options due to fewer visits and the shortened duration.

Achieve your smile goals in a discreet, comfortable way. Contact SmileMoreToday in Chicago or Vernon Hills and schedule an orthodontic consultation.