Regular dental visits can help you avoid complex periodontal treatment in downtown Chicago - SmileMoreToday
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Regular dental visits can help you avoid complex periodontal treatment in downtown Chicago

Most of us visit our family physicians somewhat regularly as a way to protect our general dental health. Similarly, visiting your dentist twice a year is the best way to maintain a healthy, attractive smile without the need for complex procedures. Even more importantly, studies indicate that the effects of oral bacteria extend far beyond the mouth, affecting the entire body if infection in gum tissue occurs. Periodontal disease is a condition for which Dr. Kumar closely monitors her patients. Early detection means less aggressive treatment in our downtown Chicago practice.

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Each person has thousands of different bacteria living in his or her mouth. Research has revealed that some of these microorganisms can be very damaging, causing bad breath, cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. In the body, gum disease also has a lasting effect. The ongoing infection in the gums sets off an inflammatory response in the body. This chronic inflammation has been linked to stroke, diabetes, and heart attack, three deadly, yet common conditions affecting Americans today.

Ideally, gum disease will be detected very early after onset, during a routine dental exam. In this ideal scenario, Dr. Kumar can provide the necessary treatment along with guidance for vigilant at-home dental care for the reduction of harmful oral bacteria. When treatment is sought at this early stage, the damage can usually be reversed. 

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The successful treatment of gum disease means that harmful bacteria are diminished, a goal that is accomplished with ongoing efforts. At SmileMoreToday, treatment is determined by the severity of the gum disease. The further the infection is allowed to progress, the more in-depth the treatment will become. Regardless of the complexity of periodontal treatment, we remain focused on patient comfort in addition to an optimal outcome. When necessary, we will incorporate sedation into periodontal treatment to ease anxiety and promote physical comfort. 

Treating gum disease early is ideal. However, no matter which stage of gum disease you may be experiencing, you can feel comfortable visiting our Chicago dental office for diagnosis and treatment. We make no judgments of how our patients may have taken care of their teeth in the past. Our goal is to focus on the reduction of dental problems through compassionate, proactive care. 

If you want to avoid gum disease, or need treatment for ongoing gum disease, we can help. Contact our office in downtown Chicago for your dental check-up or periodontal treatment.