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The emotional impact of cosmetic dentistry services in Vernon Hills

cosmetic dentistry services in Vernon

We all have a self-image, a way of seeing ourselves based on how we perceive our abilities, traits, personality, and appearance. Part of our quality of life is tied to this image of ourselves, as self-image will affect us personally and professionally. How we interact with others is driven in part by self-image, as is our overall development as an individual. Dr. Kumar of SmileMoreToday understands the impact that cosmetic dentistry services can have on his patients. One of our greatest joys as a dental team is helping patients from Vernon Hills, and other IL communities experience the benefits of smile-enhancement. 

How appearance impacts self-image

Self-image comes from a number of factors, including skills and character traits. Of the various factors, however, appearance is vitally important for a few reasons. Our appearance is what greets us every time we look in the mirror, whether that is while getting ready for work, a date, or shopping for new clothes. Every time we view our own reflection, our psyche makes notes that drive our overall self-worth. 

The good news is that we have a great deal of control over our appearance. One way in which appearance is easily enhanced is by attending to the cosmetic needs of the smile. Being one of the central features noticed about appearance, the smile is incredibly important to self-image.

Improving the smile with cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Kumar has completed extensive training in various cosmetic dental treatments. Ways that we can help you love your smile include:


  • Lightening the color of teeth with professional teeth whitening. As we age, the natural brilliance of our teeth fades. The color of teeth can also be changed with beautiful porcelain veneers, which can cover tough stains as well as other imperfections.
  • Altering the size and shape of teeth. Teeth make up a proportion of the smile. Too much or too little tooth structure showing and the overall beauty of the smile is impacted. The shape and size of a tooth can be corrected with porcelain veneers, a crown, or even gum contouring treatment. 
  • Correcting misalignment. Teeth that are turned, crowded, crooked, or too far apart can be corrected for better aesthetics and oral health. SmileMoreToday provides a number of options for correcting misalignment, including Invisalign and Six Month Smiles
  • Replacing lost teeth with personalized care. Tooth replacement has improved a great deal in recent years. Today, we are able to replace the tooth and its missing root with durable dental implants, leading to a lifetime of functionality and beauty. Tooth replacement may also be done with a dental bridge.

It is possible to love the smile you see reflected back at you. Contact us in Vernon Hills to learn more about cosmetic dentistry services.