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Tooth Replacement in Vernon Hills, IL

Because our smile is something we have carried with us our entire life, we may not fully recognize its necessity in every interaction we have with others. Whether our days are spent in the garden or in a boardroom, we deserve to feel good about our smile. To do so takes only a few characteristics, one of them being a full set of healthy, attractive teeth. When tooth loss affects an adult patient, we quickly determine the best way to replace the missing tooth so that oral health and confidence are protected.

We are fortunate to have new and improved methods for tooth replacement today. Dental implant treatment such as that provided in our Vernon Hills and Chicago, IL offices outperforms conventional care with bridgework or dentures. The procedure through which teeth and their roots are replaced achieves the ultimate functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Dental care

There are several reasons for the popularity of dental implant treatment, including:


  • Implants provide functional chewing of all types of foods.
  • Caring for implants is the same as oral hygiene for natural teeth.
  • There is no need to use messy adhesives to stabilize implants.
  • Stabilized by the bone in the jaw, implants will not rub gums or slip out of place.
  • One or several teeth can be replaced with dental implant treatment.
  • Dental implants, when well cared for, can last a lifetime.
  • No healthy teeth need to be altered for implant tooth replacement.
  • Implants replace roots and stimulate the jawbone, aiding in the retention of healthy bone structure.
  • When bone structure is preserved, the face looks more youthful.
  • Superior strength is restored with implant care.
  • The restored smile looks and feels completely natural.

Teeth whitening


The implant procedure is intended to mimic the natural tooth anatomy, from root to crown. Made from biocompatible materials that resist corrosion and decay, implants are fused into the natural jawbone tissue for lifelong functionality. Implants may be restored with a dental crown, a bridge, or a denture for customized tooth replacement.

Tooth loss does not have to rob you of your best smile. Call SmileMoreToday in Chicago or Vernon Hills to learn more about your options for tooth replacement.