SmileMoreToday helps you to replace your missing teeth in a perfect way.
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Want to replace missing teeth? Several options are available with your Chicago dentist

Gaps in the smile cause more than the immediate cosmetic problems. In time, missing teeth can affect oral health, digestive health, and your general sense of wellbeing. Finding the most effective, most naturally attractive solution to missing teeth is important. At SmileMoreToday, we are happy to offer a number of treatment options to patients from Chicago, Vernon Hills, and surrounding areas. Although dental implants are often considered innovative dental technology, this type of treatment has actually been in use for several decades.

Before the development of dental implants, choices in tooth replacement were limited to dentures or a dental bridge, depending on the number of teeth requiring replacement. Though these options were the primary treatment option for many decades, and are still available today, there are limitations to each, limitations that are not seen with dental implants.

Tooth loss

Dental implants exceed the capabilities of other tooth replacement treatments in a few ways, but due to the same basic aspect: dental implants are situated within the jawbone for ultimate stability. Designed to replace missing roots, implants become a fixture in the healthy jawbone, closely replicating the form of natural teeth and their roots. This design benefits patients in a number of ways:

  • Being solitary prosthetics, implants do not require two healthy teeth to be fitted with dental crowns, as is necessary with a dental bridge. 
  • Implants can last a lifetime when oral health remains in good condition through brushing, flossing, and professional care. 
  • Implants can be incorporated into tooth replacement using custom-fitted dentures, giving the appliance a solid foundation that allows a variety of foods to be comfortably enjoyed. 

replace missing teeth

The team at Smile More Today provides each of our patients with individual care, designing solutions around specific dental needs. Because every person is different, the best form of treatment is that which is uniquely tailored. Beginning with a thorough examination and in-depth consultation, Dr. Kumar can help you determine the best way to replace missing teeth or stabilize dentures. 

Address your dental needs in a warm, caring environment. Contact SmileMoreToday for your visit to our Chicago or Vernon Hills office.